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Twenty Steps to GREEN SUCCESS…

The following measures are recommended to implementing the principles of ecology and substainability:

Green Events decrease environmental impacts by:

  • Seeting up an environmental management and monitoring system already during the preparatory phase
  • Exploiting energy-saving potentialsand using renewable energies
  • Integrating waste avoidance and recycling systems
  • Using products that produces in an enviromentally-friendly way and originate from fair trade
  • Minimising greenhouse gases caused by the events
  • The prior use of existing facilities and buildings
  • Arranging awareness-raising measures on the implementation of sustainability for persons working on events


Green Events provide social and culture impulses by:

  • Involving the local and regional population inthe planning of major events
  • Preventing adverse effects on the health of the local populatio, staff and participants
  • Creating additional jobs and opportunities to obtain qualifications
  • Taking account of gender mainstreaming aspects in the events organisation
  • Integrating inter-cultural and anti-racism aspects
  • Taking structural or organisational measures in order allow persons with special needs to participate in the event
  • without any problems

Green Events foster the regional company by:

  • Using products and services available in host region
  • Avoiding long-term costs to be borne by the regional population
  • Developing utilisation concepts viable in long term for infrastructure set up for the event
  • Preparing accompanying regional location concepts that effective in the long term
  • Presenting the host city/region and its economic potentials in a positive light


Green Events make use of public attention and media interest for:

  • Anchoring sustainability aspects in the minds of the participants and the public
  • Promoting innovative product, technologies or management systems successfully used within the framework of the event.

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